Halloween in Ukrainian: farmers have raised prices for pumpkin by a third

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As of October 23, 2020, pumpkin prices on the eve of Halloween increased by approximately 33.3% - up to 8 UAH / kg compared to a week earlier. Ivan Kolodyazhny, an analyst with the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business, reported this to Ukrainian News.

Pumpkin prices in 2020 are at a fairly high level. The average weight of one pumpkin can reach 10-12 kg, which makes the cost of its purchase in the range of 80 - 96 UAH.

“So, in the Shuvar and Stolichny markets, 1 kg of pumpkin costs on average 8 UAH / kg, although a week ago (October 16, 2020) the average price was at the level of 5.8-6 UAH / kg,” he said. ...

According to the director of development of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association Kateryna Zvereva, since 2011, the area under pumpkins in Ukraine has increased by 3.55 thousand hectares. However, this year, due to weather conditions, the harvest of pumpkin and almost all vegetable crops has significantly decreased. Because of this, prices also increase, agroday quotes her.

Context. Until the end of 2020, bread and bakery products in Ukraine may rise in price by 10-15%.


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